Food for Lane County farming vacant land

      JUNCTION CITY, Ore. Land originally intended for a prison is being used by a local non-profit to feed the community.

      "This year we were notified by the Department of Corrections they had 100 acres out here that they knew they were not going to be building on for at least ten years and they asked if we'd be able to use it," said Beverlee Hughes with Food for Lane County.

      Now, the non-profit is paying $1 per year for the empty lot, hoping it can help fill gaps in their food supply while cutting costs long-term.

      FFLC has partnered with the Hunton Family Farm, which is planting oats on 65 acres of the property.

      The hearty crop will be harvested in August, and growers will then gauge the soil's richness and other crops that might be compatible.

      Food For Lane County made an initial investment of $23,000 for the project.

      The organization says within one year, they will be saving money on the food they're harvesting.