Folk song writer shares insight with students

      EUGENE, Ore. -- A seasoned folk musician is speaking to students at the University of Oregon this week about the power of the English language.

      Tom Neilson considers himself a musical journalist and his lyrics often reflect an air of political satire.

      He credits his inspiration to growing up in the 1950's on an upstate New York dairy farm. Through the years Neilson's seen a lot of social changes, and it has always stayed imprinted in his memory.?

      "In the 60's, with the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War I was just drawn to speaking what I thought was my truth and singing what was socially relevant," says Neilson.

      Neilson took the residency at the University of Oregon to share his talents with aspiring authors.

      Although some may consider his music controversial, he says he will continue writing songs and hopes to give people a voice. Those interested in catching one of Neilson's live gigs around town can visit his website for more information.