Flu season: 'In Lane County we only had one death'

      EUGENE, Ore. - The week of December 20, health officials saw 19 cases of flu.

      The next week: 54.

      The next week: 65.

      "We see the exponential growth happening now," said Jason Davis with Lane County Public Health. "We're starting to hear about it, but in Lane County we only had one death."

      This year's vaccine matched up closely with the flu strains predicted.

      "This year is h1n1, h3n2 and type b," Davis said, "so out of those the one that we're seeing most prevalence of is type 1 h1n1."

      Officials said the flu vaccine is 60-70 percent effective each year, but everyone's body reacts differently

      So if you've gotten the vaccine, it does not mean you're 100 percent safe.

      "Each body is so different and there's so many different variables," Davis said. "The vaccine is 100 percent effective for one individual. It might be only 60 percent effective for another individual."