First compressed natural gas fueling station in Oregon opens in Eugene

      EUGENE, Ore. - The first public compressed natural gas fueling station in Oregon is now open in Eugene.

      State officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the 65 N. Seneca Road location.

      The effort took about half a million dollars.

      Owner John Anderson said the cost per gallon is $2.29, and he expects it will remain the same for at least 5 years.

      "As our supply is domestic within the borders of the United States, you're not going to see world events affecting the cost and supply of natural gas," he said.

      "Oregon is beginning to train and build a workforce that has the skill sets necessary to support this industry," said Brad Avakian, the state labor commissioner. "That's one of the reasons I think it's going to be so successful here."

      The Department of Energy says converting your car to use natural gas costs about $3,000 but would save you money in gas over time.

      Natural gas is said to lower green house emissions by 12 percent.