Family remembers 5-year-old H1N1 victim Ronan: 'He was the baby of the family'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- In late December Ronan Burgess died from complications related to the H1N1 virus. The boy's mother, Calandra, said Ronan was just your average fun, goofy five-year-old.

      "He was the baby of the family," said Calandra Burgess.

      Calandra hopes to spread the word on the dangers of the flu. She said she passed on advice when her friend's son got sick.

      "She was like, 'His cough is coming with a fever', and I said 'Please get him in to be seen'. Turns out she did. He had H1N1," said Burgess.

      Sharing Ronan's story is something that gives Burgess strength through her grief.

      "I dealt with the grief and everything by letting the public know. And that's the way I've always dealt with things is knowledge is power," said Burgess.

      She carries that power with her as loved ones said their last goodbyes to Ronan at a wake held Sunday.

      "It's been great, what the community has done with everybody pulling together. But the loss is so bad that I can't ever be okay," said Burgess.