'Eugene-Springfield Hotel' honoring reservations, seeking franchise

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Shilo Inns Suites Hotels has temporarily pulled out of the Eugene-Springfield area.

      A company spokesman said its franchise agreement for the Beltline Road and Gateway Street location was terminated last week, and the company is looking for a new location and wants to return immediately to the area.

      The hotel is now in the hands of a private LLC which owns hostels and hotels in Utah and parts of Washington.

      The hotel in Springfield is now operating under the general name Eugene-Springfield Hotel for the time being, and is still honoring all reservations, the manager said.

      She also added the owners are hoping to meet with Red Lion officials about possibly opening a franchise at the property, but they are also reaching out to all hotel franchises at the time.

      When the Red Lion Hotel closed near the Oakway Center in Eugene, the former Springfield Shilo location was able to acquire some of the company contracts and transfer that business to their location.

      Right now Shilo and Red Lion do not have Eugene area locations.