Eugene sick time proposal of interest in Springfield

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The City Council in Springfield plans to discuss the City of Eugene's proposal to require businesses to provide part-time employees with paid sick leave.

      "Any type of ordinance that might impact Springfield, the Springfield City Council will have a work session on it, and that's what's happening tonight," spokesperson Niel Laudati said Monday. "It's not unusual."

      A formal proposal has not yet emerged from the City of Eugene's staff.

      The working proposal would affect any employer that has employees who work within the Eugene city limits for more than 240 hours a year.

      "Springfield businesses that might be headquartered here but have branches in Eugene may be impacted - businesses that do services in Eugene, construction work, cleaning, any type of businesses like that," Laudati said.

      The Lane County Commissioners also plan to discuss the issue.

      Business owner George Rode volunteers at SCORE, a non-profit that helps small businesses. He said 95 percent of companies that use SCORE come in for bookkeeping help.

      This ordinance would make bookkeeping even more of a burden for them, he said.

      "As soon as they cross into Eugene proper they have to keep track of their electricians and apprentices time separate and then as soon as they cross back into the border they have to turn off that clock," Rode said.