Eugene Pony Club's year-end show: 'It definitely teaches you a lot of responsibility'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- To celebrate another year of hard work, the Eugene Pony Club will showcase riders' skills this weekend during their annual show at the Oregon Horse Center.

      The show puts both riders and horses to the test in demonstrations of speed, posture and gaming.

      Members of the Eugene Pony Club range from 5 to 18 years old. 17-year-old Taryn Sustell said the club meets every Monday night, learning equestrian skills and other life lessons like commitment and patience.

      "It definitely teaches you a lot of responsibility and learning to care for something other than yourself," Sustell said. "Instead of putting yourself first you have to put your horse first, because they can't care for themselves."

      The Eugene Pony Club year-end event is open to the public, and continues through Sunday at the Oregon Horse Center in North Eugene.