Eugene Police send 14 to California deputy's funeral

      EUGENE, Ore. - Fourteen members of the Eugene Police Department attended Wednesday's funeral for Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino, the Mendocino County, Calif., deputy shot and killed by Ricardo Chaney of Eugene this month.

      The delegation from Eugene includes the chief and eight members of the honor guard.

      "Anytime an officer is killed in the line of duty, it's something that affects all of us in law enforcement and our extended families quite deeply," said Lt. Scott Fellman. "So we really like whenever we can to send officers to attend, especially if it's local."

      Investigators said Chaney killed Del Fiorentino after a crime spree that started last Wednesday in Eugene.

      On that morning, firefighters found a body with a bullet wound inside a burning home. Chaney is now suspected of killing that man, George Wasson, before carjacking a BMW from a Chinese exchange student and driving off for California.

      That's where Chaney, after a shootout with a citizen and a high-speed chase with law enforcement, encountered Del Fiorentino and shot the 48-year-old deputy to death.

      "Because it's a crime situation that started here locally, we all know especially for those of us working in patrol but for any of us that it might very well have been us that found the suspect, as well as the officers that had to confront him," Fellman said.

      Police in Eugene had arrested Chaney earlier this month on drug and weapon charges, but prosecutors didn't file formal charges.