Eugene beers included in 'American Craft Beer Cookbook'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Two Eugene breweries - Ninkasi and Oakshire - are featured in the newly released book, "The American Craft Beer Cookbook" by John Holl.

      The book includes 155 entries, both recipes that involve beer and recipes paired with beers.

      Holl said wine is often associated with food pairings, but he thinks beer is better.

      "Think of ingredients as food terms then you can really think of particular items in dish that you're making to really compliment and contrast that particular beer," said Holl (at left).

      Oakshire is featured in an entry about bourbon sweet potato tart paired with an imperial stout sauce.

      "With all those flavors there's bound to match things to food whether it's spicy or sweet or something like that," Matt Van Wyk of Oakshire shire.

      Ninkasi was featured for a roasted root vegetable hash paired with hoppy red ale.

      Ali Aasum at Ninkasi said Ninkasi brewmaster Jamie Floyd likes that beers bring people together.

      "Beer was always something that he saw as bringing together people around something and creating an experience," Aasum said, "so having beer paired with food is really taking that experience to the next level."

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