Elementary students take a field trip to Opportunity Village

      EUGENE, Ore. - Five McCornack Elementary school students had a field trip Thursday.

      But instead of kicking back and taking in the sights, the young women were on a mission at Opportunity Village trying to learn how to best help the homeless.

      "They wanted to come and get a list of ways they could help," said McCornack principal Londa Rochholz.

      The girls looked at different cabins and huts with an aim in mind: helping other people who aren't as fortunate as they are.

      The students peppered organizers with questions, like how the village got started, how it runs, and the needs residents face on a daily basis.

      One villager the compassion the girls showed floored him.

      "That's pretty impressive to have an outreach to go that far," said Shaun VanWyk. "I mean I never would have thought that grade school children would be interested in coming to see this. But that really does mean something."

      With notebooks in hand, the students jotted down ideas on ways they can help.

      Principal Rochholz said she believes their willingness to give will only continue to grow.

      "They show a level of depth and empathy," she said. "It just means a lot. It means as they're growing up, they're going to be community-minded."