Elder abuse: 'They're easy victims'

      VENETA, Ore. - Deputies arrest Eva Cagle and her husband Jason Thursday on accusations they stole $100,000 from an older man under Eva's care.

      As trailers full of what police believe to be stolen property were hauled off Thursday, the Cagles landed behind bars.

      Officials said this sitaution isn't an isolated incident.

      "We receive approximately 2,800 calls of concerns each year," said Chris Rosin with Adult Protective Services.

      That boils down to about 8 tips on elder abuse per day.

      In 2013, about 1,500 tips met the criteria to spark an investigation.

      One of the best ways to make sure you or your loved ones are not targets: keep a close eye on who you invite into your home.

      "We recommend that if people are having any sorts of concerns, or even just as a safety measure, they can put up a nanny cam," Rosin said. "It's a great, fairly inexpensive tool for being able to monitor the situation."

      Often, caregivers have to go through background checks.

      "A background check just indicates, it's just a criminal check," Rosin said. "It's just a check to see if someone's actually been caught doing something. It doesn't mean they haven't done anything, they have to get caught first."

      Experts said older folks with some sort of cognitive impairment are the most regular targets.

      "When they - elderly - get to the point where they need help, they are really no longer able to keep track of that stuff, and they're easy victims," said Detective Sgt. David Rogers.