Donors help boy who struggles to speak

      EUGENE, Ore. - Owen Brailsford has a tough time with words, but there's one word the 7-year-old has got down: iPad.

      Owen uses the technology both at his school and during his sessions at the Eugene Hearing and Speech Center.

      "But then he goes home and his parents just have to play the guessing game and kind of interpret his gestures and the things that he can say and figure out what he's talking about," said Linsey Zeller, speech and language pathologist.

      An effort to get Owen his own iPad came to fruition as he tore through the paper Friday and realized what was inside.

      "It was very emotional," said Margie Brailsford, Owen's mom. "I was very excited for him. I'm not even sure it's really sunk in what that means."

      The gift was made possible from donations, including one large one from Chris Miles.

      "Seeing him here today, I can tell that he's just a special kid who brings a lot of gifts to the community, as well as his family," Miles said.

      "He's got so much more to say," Zeller said, "than what he's able to."