Dog attacks dog in public park

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      EUGENE, Ore. -- A woman said her 2-year-old husky was attacked by another dog while she was jogging on the Amazon Trail Saturday morning. After getting her dog treatment at the veterinary clinic, Zoe Skordahl said she's trying to get in touch with the other dog's owner.

      The incident happened shortly after 8 a.m. Saturday when Skordahl said she was running with her dog, Kona, at Amazon Park. That's when she saw another runner and dog coming from the opposite direction.

      "You could kinda see his dog was wound up on his leash. Never thought it would be a problem," said Skordahl.

      Moments later, she said she heard a yell and saw the other dog on top of Kona.

      "They have those jaws that just lock down, and he was throwing Kona around. Kona was screaming like I had never heard him scream. It was horrific," said Skordahl.

      She said the other dog, possibly a pit-mix, outweighed Kona by at least 15 pounds.

      According to Lane County Animal Services, the other owner did not break any laws because his dog was still on a leash. Also, because she was not bitten, Skordahl cannot file a bite report.

      Skordahl said she called authorities, and police directed her to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic. Kona's vet bill was over $600.

      The other dog owner said he had to go, but left his name with Skordahl before leaving.

      Skordahl told our reporters the man told her to send him a message over Facebook, and that if there were damages he would pay them.

      "I haven't heard back from him yet," said Skordahl.

      Our news team also tried to contact the other dog's owner via Facebook, however we haven't received a response.