Do It Herself: Ladies night at the hardware store

      EUGENE, Ore. - Home Depot puts on a free clinic called "Do It Herself."

      Guests get a chance to listen to music, eat food and learn how to do a Pinterest-inspired project.

      "We are wanting all of our customers to be empowered to come out and join us, and it's free," said Kehau Keanaaina, assistant store manager at the West Eugene location. "Molding, cutting, tiling, you name it. We also have fun Pinterest projects that you can take home. A night where ladies can have fun, be amongst your friends, have a good time."

      Instructors lead the event on how to use the tools step-by-step.

      The result: Home improvement projects done better than their significant other could do, said one participant.

      "I've done a lot of home improvements on my own," said Sammye Longacre, "and I do them better than my husband."

      She added that it can come in handy being you own handy person.

      "A lot of people don't realize that they have the ability to do these things," Longacre said, "and if you don't have a man around the house, it really helps to do these things yourself."

      Another participant said she came out because she simply loves "doing it herself."

      "I'm actually taking a woodworking class at the U of O," said Carol King, "and I just bought a new saw, and I'm going to buy a new table saw, so I like to build things, so this is a fun extension of that interest."