Did you help this guy after he got stabbed last summer?

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A Springfield man is asking the public for help in finding a good Samaritan who assisted him during an attack last summer.

      On the night of August 23, Gage Billick and his friend, Topher, were walking in downtown Eugene.

      They were approached by an aggressive man, later identified by police as Vaughn Kimbrell, from the First Christian Church parking lot.

      After a verbal confrontation, Billick asked the suspect to move from his personal space.

      When he refused, Billick says he struck Kimbrell, who responded by taking out a knife.

      Billick was stabbed in the neck and abdomen.

      His friend tried desperately to wrestle the weapon from Kimbrell's grip, when a good Samaritan stepped in to assist in the effort.

      "If he didn't do anything, I fear that Topher would have been seriously or mortally injured," explains Billick. "I basically just want to thank the guy. I can't even remember what this person looked like."

      Vaughn is facing numerous charged in the attack, including assault in the first degree, attempted assault in the first degree, and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon.

      His trial is scheduled to begin January 22.

      Billick will be there to testify.

      If you have any information about the stabbing, you are encouraged to contact the Lane County District Attorney's Office.