Did you get a flu shot? Why not?

      EUGENE, Ore. - Did you get a flu shot?

      Out of the first 5 people KMTR NewsSource 16 asked on the street Friday, only 1 person had.

      "I just haven't thought of it at all," said Sarena Jenkins.

      "I don't like needles," Robert Jenkins said.

      "I have a favorite herb that I use that seems to build up my immune system like crazy," Justine Cooper said.

      Whatever their reason, Oregon has a low rate of immunization, according to Jason Davis with Lane County Public Health.

      That's not a good thing for the overall health of the community, he said.

      "As a healthy adult, you don't get the flu that bad or maybe you don't get it at all, you can still be a carrier," Davis said. "So you don't feel that bad but you can pass that flu virus on to them and it could be potentially deadly."

      Davis said Lane County urges individuals to research the flu shot if they feel uncomfortable getting one.

      And if you still choose not to get it, make sure you practice good hygiene - and if you're sick, cover your cough and stay home from work.