Defense rests in trial for man accused of murdering ex-fiance

      EUGENE, Ore. -- The man accused of murdering his former fiance just weeks after she broke off their engagement took the stand in his own defense Friday.

      The defense in the Robert Cromwell murder trial rested its case Friday after calling only one witness to the stand. He then testified in his own defense.

      Mugshot of Robert Cromwell

      Cromwell stands accused of killing his ex-fiance, Casey Wright, with a baseball bat as she slept in November of 2013.

      Jurors were presented with phone record between the couple. Cromwell explained Wright had expressed a desire to repair their relationship. Text message records showed a very different story, where Cromwell was aggressive and persistent in spite of Wright's refusals.

      Prosecutors highlighted discrepancies in Cromwell's statements about the attack.

      While Cromwell confessed to Wright's death, he is pleading not guilty by explaining his actions were caused by an extreme emotional disturbance.

      Cromwell initially pleaded not guilty to the crime during his arraignment.

      Jurors will reconvene on Tuesday.