Death investigation in West Eugene along Fern Ridge Trail

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Police opened a death investigation Sunday after a body was found along the Fern Ridge Trail in West Eugene.

      The Eugene Police Forensics Unit is looking into how the person died. Officials have cordoned off the grassy area where the body was found near Datalogic off of Terry St. to conduct the investigation.

      "We don't know any circumstances around the death, but based upon the location and how cold it is outside we're just going to do a thorough investigation," said Eugene Police Sgt. Kris Martes.

      Police at the scene said a woman found the body at around 1:30 p.m. Sunday while walking along the Fern Ridge Trail.

      She reportedly heard a dog barking in a field near the bike path. She went to investigate the barking and found a deceased body in some bushes, police said.

      This is a developing story, updates will be posted as information comes in