Cover Oregon website still not allowing Affordable Care Act signups

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Around a dozen people showed up loaded with questions about Cover Oregon and the Affordable Care Act for an information session at the Springfield Library.

      In addition to confusion state and Federal leaders expected to face, computer glitches have further complicated sign up.

      President Obama on Monday pointed to Oregon as an example of a state that is successfully implementing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, but what the White House didn't mention was that Oregon was facing its own problems.

      For the most part, the Cover Oregon website is operating, but sign up has been delayed because of a malfunction in the program that calculates tax credits.

      State officials did not want people to sign up without the proper information and had suspended the sign up process until the glitch is fixed.

      Cover Oregon is hoping that day will come early next month.