Corvallis duo starts Carma Cosplay: 'There's a lot of preparation towards the costume'

      CORVALIS, Ore. -- A Corvallis duo is working to grow their cosplay - or movie/comic-themed costume - hobby into a project they call Carma Cosplay.

      Emma graduated From Oregon State University with a Zoology major and Carly is an OSU senior studying Fisheries and Wildlife.

      On some days they take on completely different identities.

      "We were Elsa and Anna from Frozen. That was really fun because we could be like we're sisters and interact like sisters would," said Emma Herdener, half of the Carma Cosplay team.

      Cofounder Carly Rathburn said their detailed costume designs can often take months to fully prepare.

      "There's a lot of preparation towards the costume," said Rathburn, "The process that goes with it, like watching the film, reading the manga or reading the comic book You're watching the movie a hundred times."

      Having known eachother for 16 years, Rathburn said their love of dressing up like their favorite characters came at a young age.

      "My mom and I actually made a Captain Jack Sparrow costume from Pirates of the Caribbean from scratch," said Rathburn, "That was kind of my turning point of, 'Oh wow, I really want to do this'."

      The Cosplay phenomenon is commonplace at many of the comic book conventions. Carma Cosplay's first convention appearance was in 2011 at Kumoricon. They've been gaining fans on their Facebook page ever since.

      The hobby isn't cheap, getting these costumes ready for events can cost up to $500.