Complaints against LTD drivers surface around $2.9 mil. lawsuit

      EUGENE, Ore. -- A Eugene woman filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Lane Transit District a week ago after she says she was injured on a para-transit bus.

      The woman, her attorney and LTD have refused to comment on the $2.9 million case, pending litigation.

      On Friday our news team received an email from another woman who is raising safety concerns with LTD drivers.

      Rachel Stambaugh said she's been cut off by a Lane County transit bus three times in the past month.

      She claims that the drivers of LTD buses occasionally fail to use their turn signal when merging in and out of traffic.

      Stambaugh said that one bus stop in particular has been extremely dangerous for her commutes.

      "There's one, it's the last bus stop on River Road. It has to cut across three lane of traffic to get into the turning lane. And in doing so, it cuts off three lanes of traffic," said Stambaugh.

      Stambaugh told our reporters she's made several calls to the agency about safety issues.

      While LTD was unable to talk about their current legal battle, spokesperson Lisa VanWinkle said that safety is still a top priority for their organization.

      "We have a very thorough maintenance program for our fleet and our buses are well equipped," said VanWinkle. "So yes, we feel like our buses are very safe vehicles on the road and our drivers, we believe, are very well trained."

      The spokeswoman said that all of their drivers go through an eight weeks training course.

      Lane transit District asks anyone with driving concerns to contact them with the bus number, along with a time and location of the incident.