City listens but doesn't act on SLEEPS protest

      EUGENE, Ore. - Beneath a moonlit sky, a homeless protest camp got ready for their nightly meeting.

      A block away at the Lane County Courthouse, the Eugene City Council met to talk about the fate of the group known as SLEEPS.

      Some criticized the City of Eugene's ordinance prohibiting camping.

      Others asked the council to provide the group with it's namesake: safe legally entitled emergency places to sleep.

      The mayor and council listened Monday night. No action items related to SLEEPS or homeless camping were on the agenda.

      Earlier in the day in an interview, Mayor Kitty Piercy made it clear where the city stands on camping on public property.

      "Once it moves past protesting into actually setting up and living in a place, then they are breaking the camping ban," Piercy said.

      When asked if that wasn't what camps set up downtown were doing, Piercy elaborated.

      "As I understand, the difference is that it's our property then we can exercise our rights because we can ask for eviction or something like that - or not."

      Meanwhile, protesters from the camp known as Whoville wait for their next eviction - and vow to open two camps for every one the city shuts down.

      "This fight is not for me," said a protester identified as Rusty. "It's for the future generations."