Cinnamon rolls return to the Daffodil Drive

      JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - More than 1,000 bunches of daffodils arrived at Long Tom Grange on Friday ahead of the annual Daffodil Drive.

      Volunteers and organizers say it couldn't be happening on a better weekend.

      "Perfect weekend to see the daffodils," said chairperson Danuta Pfeiffer. "Believe me, we deserve it. In the past we had hurricane and hail and snow and wind and rain."

      Pfeiffer said people from all over and of all ages gather at the festival grounds for some music, fun and a glimpse of the season to come.

      "Then they come to the grange for a little cup of coffee and cinnamon roll," she said. "It's just a gentle country experience and everybody has come to enjoy that first flash of spring."

      One thing the community has been buzzing about is the return of the cinnamon rolls.

      Last year, the festival chose a new baker and a new pastry: Blueberry coffee cake.

      People in the community were not happy about the change.

      Cinnamon rolls had been part of the event since its inception.

      "The ladies that actually started it made them in the kitchen and froze them and brought them out and iced them and sold them for the Daffodil Drive," said Susan Debates.

      The rolls are back - and bigger, now the size of dinner plates.

      "Hot gooey cinnamon rolls with extra goo, that's what we're talking about," said Bill Mahoney of New Day Bakery. "We're going to try and make 5,000 cinnamon rolls."