Caution on a hot day: Stay hydrated, be careful around rivers

      EUGENE, Ore. - Do you remember the 80s?

      The temperature hasn't hit 80F in Eugene since September 13, 2013.

      And 80F+ temperatures are on their way back in Wednesday - with emphasis.

      The forecast high of 87F for Eugene on Wednesday would shatter the record high of 81F for April 30, set back in 2004. | Current Weather Conditions

      The warmest April day on record in Eugene was April 28, 1926, when the temperature hit 89F.

      The highest temperature on record for Eugene was 108F, set August 9, 1981.

      Use caution in heat and around water

      "While these temperature values are not excessive for summer, they are a much higher than any seen so far this year and we have not had a chance to acclimate to temperatures this warm," the National Weather Service cautioned Wednesday. "If you have outside activities planned today, including sports such as baseball, softball, soccer or running, be sure to stay hydrated and avoid becoming overheated."

      Forecasters also urged caution around rivers.

      "The warmth may cause some individuals to seek relief in area rivers," the weather service said. "Area rivers are running cold, beginning to be fed by snow melt. Every year people are killed in area rivers, overestimating their abilities and underestimating the impacts of the higher flows and currents and the cold river temperatures. The higher flows and colder temperatures can be a lethal combination."