Broken water pipes damage hundreds of store's furniture pieces

      EUGENE, Ore. -- A water pipe burst inside the Broyhill Furniture's store location during the December cold snap, sending thousands of gallons of water raining down and damaging hundreds of pieces of furniture.

      The cold weather last Tuesday broke more pipes in their store location, and storeowner Mike Schwartz said crews had already been cleaning up after water damage.

      All together, Schwartz said about 500 pieces of furniture have been ruined.

      "So probably for the last seven days I have had 80 people on the job everyday, just taking up old carpet, taking up glue, redoing sheetrock, redoing carpeting," said Schwartz.

      Employees said the damage came at the worst possible time, as they work on commission and are missing out on the holiday shopping season.

      Schwartz says they're hoping to have the store reopened by December 23.