Boy hit in crosswalk: 'Three out of the 4 lanes stopped'

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A car hit a 12-year-old boy Wednesday evening as he used a crosswalk with flashing lights recently installed in an effort to make Main Street safer for pedestrians.

      Kris Reister witnessed the crash around 7 p.m. at 51st and Main.

      "I hear the crash of him getting hit," Reister said, "and I see him flying through the air, so I ran to his aid as soon as possible, got on the phone with dispatcher and got the cops here as soon as I could.

      "Dispatch told me and this other guy was here helping me put him on his back, so we got him on his back," Reister said, "but his shoulder was basically completely behind his back."

      Police said the boy suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries. He was listed in stable condition Thursday at a Portland hospital.

      Investigators remain unclear why the 21-year-old driver didn't stop.

      "Three out of the 4 lanes stopped," Officer Robert Conrad said. "Multiple witnesses indicate that they saw the lights, stopped for the lights, and this driver, for whatever reason - we're still investigating - decided to come through."

      Police have ruled out alcohol as a possible factor. They said the driver, who has not been cited or charged, is cooperating with the investigation.

      The Oregon DMV said state law requires drivers to stop for the flashing yellow lights until the pedestrian is a full travel lane away form your car.