Blood bank facing shortage

      EUGENE, Ore. - The Lane Blood Center is seeing a shortage of blood, specifically type O and B negative.

      Just last week, an accident almost took someone's life. But after 40 units of O blood transfusions, the person's life was saved.

      Kristi McElhinney with Lane Blood Center said that type of thing is actually more common than you might think.

      "To put it in perspective, a normal adult has between 10 and 13 pints of blood in their system," she said. "So if you use 40 units of blood, we replaced your blood about 4 times."

      According to McElhinney, during summer the blood center tends to see demand for blood from more accidents.

      That makes blood donations even more valuable June through August.

      Unfortunately, during summer they receive fewer donations than the other seasons since the center relies heavily on school blood drives.