Black Friday special on black cats

      EUGENE, Ore. - While some shoppers scampered to the mall and big box retailers the day after Thanksgiving for deep discount and sales, one local animal shelter was hoping to draw in new loving homes for its feline occupants.

      The Greenhill Humane Society played host to Black Cat Friday this year offering deep discounts in adoption fees and pet supplies for pets with new homes.

      "We are at our capacity when it comes to the number of cats we can take care of," Cary Lieberman, executive director of Greenhill Humane Society, said. "At our first street shelter, we are past that level."

      Lieberman said during the holiday season, they see an influx of cats being surrendered to the shelter because of financial hardships and other reasons, but this year he said the shelter is also seeing more kittens.

      Though some cats in the shelter were black, the special event applied to all felines in the shelter's care.

      Lieberman said during the holidays, it's important to carefully plan out adoption before just picking up and animal and giving it as a gift.

      "We don't like to think of them as gifts necessarily," he said. "We like people to make good thoughtful choices about the animals that they bring in to their home. At the same time, this is a great time of year to adopt a pet because many people have a lot of time they take off work that they can spend with their new pet."

      He said the Greenhill's cat population is split nearly 50/50 has to which cats came to them as strays and which cats were surrendered to them by previous owners.

      Though Black Cat Friday was only on Nov. 29, the shelter says it will continue to run specials throughout the holiday season in an effort to decrease their cat population further.