Black cats nothing to fear for Greenhill Humane Society

      EUGENE, Ore. - Halloween brings with it tales of ghosts, goblins and black cats.

      But Sasha Elliot of Greenhill Humane Society says the old wives tale that some people turn the tables on felines with dark fur on Halloween is a myth.

      While some places suspend the adoption of black cats around Halloween, Elliot says Greenhill isn't one of them.

      "There are some organizations, rescue organizations and shelters that have steered away from that," she says. "But we in fact embrace that."

      Elliot says that Greenhill is in the business of adopting out animals to quality pet parents, and they don't take a break because of a myth.

      Sasha says that black cats are often overlooked because they tend to be more common, and hopes more people will choose to take them home.

      And, if they choose to do so around Halloween, she says Greenhill will gladly adopt the cats out to a good home.

      Ghosts and goblins sold separately.