Bicyclist stabbed in city park: 'My father was trying to do a good deed'

      EUGENE, Ore. - The man who stabbed Richard Cherry's father in Alton Baker Park last week remains at large.

      Cherry fears for the public's safety.

      "This man had no right to do this to my father," Cherry said, "and he'll do it again."

      Police initially arrested a 54-year-old man and charged him with assault. They later let him go for lack of evidence.

      The district attorney's office said the case remains under investigation.

      Cherry said his father was riding through Alton Baker Park on Thursday when he saw a dispute between a homeless man and woman.

      Cherry's father tried to intervene.

      "My father was trying to do a good deed, and he paid almost the ultimate price for it," he said.

      Cherry said his father was stabbed 6 times and required surgery.

      When asked to ID the suspect, he didn't recognize the man in custody.

      Cherry isn't convinced that was because the suspect was the wrong man.

      "My father was fresh out of surgery, from 3.5 to 4 hours, he was in a medically induced coma until 6 in the morning," Cherry said.

      Now Cherry and his father are concerned about the public's safety in the city park.

      "The police officer who did the investigation told me he even walks his children there," Cherry said.