Beet Chocolate? 'Oh yeah, it does work'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Red Wagon Creamery in downtown Eugene is celebrating their one year anniversary Saturday, offering free junior cones to the public between noon and 1.

      The ice cream parlor had been operating out of an ice cream cart since 2011 until they were able to expand into a store front last year.

      "Every day that it rains, I sit inside, look out, and think, 'I'm glad I'm not in a tent in a parking lot right now'," joked Stuart Phillips, co-owner of Red Wagon Creamery.

      Phillips said they started out making four or five flavors at a time.

      Now with the store, they're able to make 10 or 11 flavors.

      Red Wagon Creamery different uses locally grown and produced products to create flavors beyond vanilla, chocolate or even your Cherry Garcia.

      Phillips said their flavors are unusual but worth trying. Flavors like "Saturday Morning" or "Beet Chocolate" have become big hits for customers who say they appreciate the concoctions.

      "I love that it's local, I love that they use really interesting and unique ingredients," customer Sarah Gottlieb said. "My favorite is the beet ice cream. I've never had beets in ice cream before and it's amazing."

      Phillips said the idea for the unique flavors came from his wife Emily, who has been a chef for 13 years. She wanted to approach ice cream as food and less like a chemical experiment.

      He saod their goal is to make the best vanilla and chocolate you've ever had while having some fun with it.

      The creamery has even gone as far as making bone marrow and smoked pecan ice cream. Phillips said that as soon as people try the unusual flavors they say, "Oh yeah, it does work."

      Red Wagon Creamery is open from Sunday through Thursday from noon to 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight.