Back to the Future Boulder Competition: 'This is a preparation for something bigger'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Expert climbers took turns clinging to the walls of Crux Rock Gym Saturday for the inaugural Back to the Future Boulder Competition.

      The contestants were doing a form of climbing called bouldering, in which they try to climb from one point to another without using ropes.

      Men and women competed separately and were broken into skill brackets ranging from beginner to advanced.

      With nearly a decade of experience under her climbing belt, Hallie Roberts made her competition debut Saturday as an intermediate. She said climbers were scored on how well they completed each route along the indoor climbing wall.

      "This is a preparation for something bigger. When you go outside and you get to the big wall you feel really excited to have been in here preparing and getting ready," said Roberts.

      Winners walked away with some awesome prizes from sponsor Ninkasi Brewing. Organizers expect Back to the Future Boulder Competition to be back with a sequel in 2015.