Ashes in urn donated to Goodwill not from cremation

      CORVALLIS, Ore. - Employees at the Goodwill in Corvallis say they've received some odd donations before, but never before what was believed to be possible human or animal remains.

      "When we have substances leaking out of a donation, we always call Corvallis Police to inspect it," Assistant General Manager Charlene Bostain said. "An associate was picking up what was like a vase with a lid on it and noticed that some of the contents had poured out of it on to her hands."

      Bostain said the green vase with Japanese markings being used as an urn was donated last week and was discovered when the donation was being sorted.

      She said sometimes people mistakenly donate family heirlooms and personally significant items by mistake, especially when someone is cleaning out a closet or attic.

      Monday morning the local newspaper in Corvallis reported that a woman, only identifying herself as D., said the urn belonged to her, but the ashes inside were from a fireplace.

      The woman told the Corvallis Gazette-Times that she gave her daughter the urn with the belief that it would comfort her after the loss of an ill-tempered family pet that was put down while the child was at school. Instead of cremating the pet, she tricked her daughter by putting ashes from the fireplace in the urn 13 years ago and sealed the makeshift urn with superglue, a seal that held until the mistaken donation last week.