Architecture students build sustainable and affordable house: 'This term we've been doing the finish work'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Architecture students from the University of Oregon and Lane Community College built a house in West Eugene.

      Working with Neighborhood Economic Development Corp. and the Services Agency of Lane County, the house was built with affordability and sustainability in mind.

      "We went through design process with the drawings," said U of O student Emily Smietana, "In winter they framed the house, pretty much got the enclosure and structure set up and this term we've been doing the finish work."

      College students from four different architecture-based departments worked together with vendors and contractors to build the 1,280-square-foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.

      Working through every step of the home building process gave the students first-hand experience outside of lectures.

      "We learned a lot of stuff that I probably wouldn't learn in a classroom like just things like how to put sides on a house we learn the proper order of how to put insulation and screen," said U of O student Cody Tucker.

      The home will be sold to an income-qualified buyer for around $160,000, with the profits going towards the architecture programs at LCC and U of O. Department heads hope to put the money towards future student projects to build low income housing.

      The house is expected to be on the Tour Of Homes in July.