Anti-Semitic graffiti found scrawled on library bulletin board: 'It ended up being a target for defamation'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- The community rallied against anti-Semitism Friday after finding some troubling graffiti scrawled on a bulletin board in downtown Eugene earlier in the week.

      The hateful message was found Wednesday on the announcement board at the Eugene Public Library.

      "This particular flyer was an event, a talk at the University of Oregon that's happening on April 27 about the holocaust," said Connie Bennett of the Eugene Public Library, "It ended up being a target for defamation."

      She said the anti-Semitic designs and words were even more alarming because of the recent shooting at a Kansas synagogue.

      "Under the constitution it's limited public forum, which means that anything can be put on it," said Bennett.

      Library staff removed the poster before contacting police, city officials, and the Community Alliance of Lane County, also known as CALC.

      Two days later residents used their freedom of speech to spread a message of tolerance. Bennett said a library patron alerted staff to the graffiti written across a post. Organizers said they brought together a group Friday to show that hate would not be tolerated in their community.

      "We want our neighbors to know that we're sticking up for them and we're standing by with them when these incidents happen," said Remie Calalang of CALC. "We also want to let others know that these behaviors aren't welcome here and we're going to call it out when we see it."

      Activists passed out fliers through the downtown area, talked with business owners and residents about hate crimes, and went over ways to appropriately respond to acts of bigotry.

      If you are a witness to a hate crime, you're urged to contact local police or the City of Eugene's Equity and Human Rights office.