After-school program raising money for 'pedal desk'

      EUGENE, Ore. - An after-school program for kids in Eugene is asking the public for help buying a pedal desk.

      Fidgets2Widgets describes itself as "a boredom-free zone where kids ages 9-14 use cutting edge technology to enrich their lives in a holistic environment."

      The program is based on a chid development theory for students with ADHD, ADD and sensory issues.

      "Our mission is to integrate movement and exercise into our program by establishing a kinesthetic computer lab, replacing 'old school' desks and chairs with cool pedal and elliptical desks," according to Fidgets2Widgets.

      The program wants to raise $7,000 to bring a pedal desk to the classroom.

      The owners of Fidgets2Widgets said technology and exercise don't always go hand in hand.

      "Children drawn to technology tend to lead sedentary lifestyles," said Pam Simon. "So we're trying to bridge sedentary lifestyles with movement."

      Learn more about Fidgets2Widgets and the program's fundraiser