Accused takes the stand in double murder trial

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      EUGENE, Ore. - Johan Gillette took the stand Friday, describing his relationship with his father.

      Gillette is on trial, accused of murdering his father James and his father's partner Anne McLucas.

      Johan testified that he went to his father's home to get water on the morning of September 7, 2012.
      He believed his father to be gone, and McLucas to be visiting family in Boston.

      However, after being beckoned into his dad's bedroom by James Gillette, a heated discussion took place.

      Johan claimed James threatened to kick him and Asia Seaton off the property.

      In response, Johan said he threatened to tell county officials about the many illegal activities he said were occurring on the Needham Road property.

      Johan testified that James Gillette threatened to kill him and Asia Seaton.

      Then, as Johan believed James to be reaching for his gun, the fight turned physical.

      Johan described throwing his dad on the bed, striking him with his hands, and then reaching for a weapon which he believes was a wrench.

      Then someone jumped on his back, and he struck that person, Johan told the court. While he assumed it was one of his father's friends, Johan told jurors he didn't assign an identity to the second person.

      Seeing blood, he thought he had been shot, and continued taking steps to ensure his father wasn't able to harm Asia Seaton.

      When the threat ended, Johan told the court he realized it was Anne McLucas who had jumped on his back.

      At that point, Johan said his memory went blank.