4 things to remember about diets

      KMTR NewsSource 16 took a look at the dangers of dieting.

      Here are 4 key points:

      1. Fad diets don't always work. Instead of focusing on the here and now, you want to think long-term. If you can't sustain it for the rest of your life, then it's not a good change.

      2. Don't think strictly about cutting calories or cutting fat. Think instead of filling your body with healthy nutrients, not counting every calorie.

      3. Fad diets often don't provide all of the necessary nutrients, so you're leaving your body lacking if you follow a regiment too strictly. Again, it's about what a bite of food can do for your body, not how many calories it has.

      4. Being malnourished leaves you at a greater risk of injury. If you've got a big workout planned, your body will need enough nutrients to help you through it safely. You'll want to eat enough nutrient dense foods to get you through your workout.