100 home burglaries in 30 days in Eugene

      EUGENE, Ore. - Police responded to 100 home burglaries in 30 days - and most involved unlocked windows or doors.

      Eugene Police said residents reported 100 residential burglaries between July 9 and August 5.

      In 80 percent of the crimes, the crook gained entry through an unlocked window or door, police said.

      Police said people are leaving doors ajar due to the warm weather, creating opportunities for burglars.

      The department offered these tips for improving home safety:

      • Don't leave windows or doors ajar unless there is a locking mechanism to prevent them from being opened wide enough to allow entry.
      • When relaxing and enjoying your backyard or hosting a barbecue don't leave the front door open or unlocked as thieves may take the opportunity for a quick grab.
      • Make sure that window mounted air conditions and fans securely attached.
      • Remember to be careful about leaving your garage doors open, as it thieves can take property from the garage and, if the door from the garage to the house is left open, enter the home as well.
      • Keep purses, laptops and other valuable and easy to carry away items out sight and not easily accessible to a criminal making a quick snatch.