$1 drinks on Mother's Day benefit A Family For Every Child

      For Mother's Day this year, Dutch Bros. Coffee locations in Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove and Junction City will donate proceeds to A Family For Every Child.

      Moms get any drink on their menu for a dollar, with the proceeds from all drinks sold going to help foster children find permanent homes.

      Both groups say the thought is to celebrate a day dedicated to a mother's unconditional love.

      "It is a special holiday to celebrate people that have shown that kind of love and unconditional attention to kids in our care," said Christy Obie-Barrett, the executive director of A Family For Every Child.

      "Moms coming through on Sunday already get to be moms, so they're giving other families the opportunity to be moms and help kids in our community find their families," said Brittany Boersma, a part owner of the Dutch Bros.

      Fifteen locations are participating in Sunday's fundraiser:

      Eugene locations:
      2115 Franklin Blvd.
      311 E. 11th Ave.
      1701 W. 11th Ave.
      110 W. 7th Ave.
      2700 River Rd.
      2145 W. 7th Ave.
      1633 Coburg Rd.
      1499 Hwy. 99

      1545 Gateway Blvd. in Cottage Grove

      500 Ivy St. in Junction City

      1503 Mohawk Blvd. in Springfield
      4211 E. Main St. in Springfield
      222 S. A St. in Springfield
      5850 Main St. in Springfield
      3256 Gateway in Springfield