Movie theaters a popular destination on Christmas Day

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      EUGENE, Ore. - Some people had nothing else to do.

      "No kids, so it gives us something to do," Brandie Robertson said. "Boring at the house."

      "The only thing I could come up with to do," Wayne Lehman said. "There's nothing really open."

      Others call it an annual tradition.

      Whatever the reason, movie theaters are popular destinations on Christmas Day.

      "We always do it," Penny Englert said. "It's tradition. This is more fun get out meet people and listen to people be happy."

      "There's not a lot of stuff going on and it's sort of a tradition of ours to go see a movie on Christmas day," Aaron Douglas said.

      Movie theaters keep busy, with anticipated films like "The Wolf of Wall Street" opening to audiences on Christmas.

      "It's supposed to be a great performance by Leonardo Dicaprio, David Douglas said, "and Christmas is a good day to reflect on how some people are greedy and how some people are in need."

      And for people who moved away from home, a movie at the holidays is an opportunity to reunite. That's what Dan Desler and his 23-year-old daughter were up to.

      "It gives us some quiet time together, you know," Desler said. "The generation gap doesn't give us quiet time together with her in San Francisco and me in Eugene."