Linn County Fair: 'You made me go on the Zipper'

      ALBANY, Ore. - People streamed in and out of the ride zone as the cries of the excited - or scared - riders filled the air Thursday.

      Some fairgoers know which rides they want to jump on - and which to avoid.

      "I don't really like the spinny rides," said Garrett Winter. "It's just because I'm not - I don't really have that very strong stomach."

      Others had no choice.

      "I like the fireball," said Lydia Hugenberger, with her friend Cassandra Whipple. "She hates anything fast - and that's the only thing I've made her go on."

      "No you made me go on the Zipper," Whipple said.

      "She hated that one, too," Hugenberger said.

      "Yeah, I screamed my head off," Whipple said.

      "It was pretty funny," Hugenberger said.

      Whipple disagreed. "It was scary."

      After the rides, you can recuperate with some fair food.

      Geneva Melisson beat the heat with a cold treat.

      "This a Marionberry milkshake. It's kind of Marionberry - like Oregon - so it's really good, really refreshing," she said.

      The fair continues through Saturday, with headliner musical act Grand Funk Railroad. | More info about the Linn County Fair