Younger Cat jumping on Older Cat

      Question from Gwen

      We have a 6 month old male manx (we've had him since he was 8 weeks and is recently fixed). The problem is he does this "bear jump" (jumps up like a jack rabbit) towards our 8 year old cat (which she HATES). How can I make him stop bear jumping and how can I make the older cat tolerate the younger cat?

      Jennifer's Answer

      Hi Gwen,
      Do you think he's trying to play with your older cat, or do you think he is being aggressive towards her? Have you seen him stalking her, chasing, or doing other things like swatting, hissing, etc?

      If he's trying to play with your older cat and she is not receptive, you will want to provide him with more mental/physical activities and try to re-direct his playfulness towards other things in the house other than your older cat. Active play sessions where you are actually playing with him 2-3 times a day, feeding him in the treat n play cat food dispenser (available at Healthy Pet and online), rotating toys, and other types of games are some suggestions for increasing mental stimulation.

      If they are having relationship issues and he is being aggressive towards her I would recommend picking up the book Cat v. Cat by Pam Johnson Bennett as it will have lots of helpful information specifically about cat aggression in the house.