Volunteers needed for Thanksgiving events

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      EUGENE, Ore. Plenty of places will be serving up a hot meal to those in need on Thanksgiving.

      And volunteers have stepped up in a big way.

      So much so, that places in both Eugene and Corvallis are actually turning away volunteers.

      But there are other ways you can pitch in and help on Thanksgiving.

      Donations are rolling in by the truckload at the Eugene Mission. Pallets full of food will help feed the hungry on Thanksgiving.

      "We'll have 40 or 50 turkeys going over the next couple days. And stuffing, potatoes, rolls and lots of pie," Dana Eck said. Eck is the senior director of operations at the Mission.

      The shelter feeds nearly 700 people daily, even more on holidays.

      "We don't want to run out of yams, so we can still use canned yams and then hams for Christmas," Eck said.

      Meanwhile, in Corvallis, chef Steve Chovanec is getting an early start prep cooking at St. Mary's church.

      "It'd be too much to try to roast 60 pounds of squash for the soup the morning of Thanksgiving," Chovanec said.

      By now, just about any soup kitchen or community feast you ask will tell you the same thing. They have plenty of cooks in the kitchen and Thanksgiving help is in ready supply. But there are other ways you can give.

      "Money's always the best for us, because we can use it as we find things we need rather than donating goods," Chovanec said.

      "Socks and sturdy shoes. And those are year round needs," Eck said. "And we love seeing those landing in our donation box."

      Not far away at Osborn Aquatic Center, organizers are looking for help for this year's Turkey Trot fun run.

      "We already know it's going to be our biggest Corvallis Turkey Trot ever," race director Michael Fischer said.

      Fischer says they've met the bare bones number of volunteers to have the race, but more enthusiastic early risers are always welcome.

      "The races start at 8 a.m. and will be wrapping up by about 10 a.m. with awards and everything," Fischer said. "So it gives you plenty of time to get home and cook that turkey and get the stuffing ready."

      Just a few ways you can help others feel thankful on the holiday, and you can find them all in a day's drive.

      Willamalane in Springfield is also looking for a few more helpers for the Turkey Stuffer run.


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