Trick-or-Treat! Haunted barns, City Halls and markets

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      EUGENE, Ore. Moms and dads will take on the role of chauffer on Halloween as they lead their kids on a candy hunt. And while there's nothing wrong with ringing doorbell after doorbell, many more places are preparing for crowds as well.

      As kids head out to load up on sweets, several places will open up their doors to welcome costumed youngsters.

      "You should see how much candy we have already," Marissa Ooyevaar said. Ooyevaar is the marketing and events coordinator at Fifth Street Public Market.

      "Most people don't know that City Hall used to be a shopping center," said Niel Laudati, Springfield Community Relations Manager.

      Right as kids are getting out of school, the staff from every department at Springfield City Hall will be getting all dressed up to host nearly a thousand kids.

      "If this is their only chance to trick or treat, we wanted to give them a great event. And if it's not, we still want them to have a great event and be home in time to eat dinner and go out again," Laudati said.

      From there, you can head downtown to the Haunted Market on 5th Street. If you keep going past the giant pumpkins, you can sit on a tractor for a photo op, then hit each shop offering something sweet.

      "You know how many stores your kids are going to go trick or treating to and you don't have to hear your kids, 'no! I want to go to one more house! One more street!'" Ooyevaar said.

      Finally, if you're looking for a place where you can take the kids as the sun is going down, you can bring them out to the Bethel district in Eugene where the Peterson Barn is being transformed into this year's Booo Barn.

      "Carnival games, a sense-orium, which is the five senses of fear. Also, ghost stories in the graveyard and a haunted house," Oliver Redig said. Redig is a program assistant with the Eugene recreation department.

      Three places that guarantee your little vampires and witches won't go home empty handed. Fifth Street Public Market is also collecting donations for Food for Lane County. Families are asked to bring three canned goods when they arrive at the market.