Southern Willamette Valley a hot spot for disc golf

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      EUGENE, Ore. If you've always wanted to learn golf, but don't know how to swing a club, then you may enjoy disc golfing. And there are a few courses where you can tee up in Eugene.

      18 holes, no tee time, no carts and no clubs to carry. Disc golf is sport that won't break the bank or your back.

      "It's a two-hour or three-hour walk sometimes. It's up and down a few hills, so it's good exercise and it's free," Jack Van Dusen said.

      Within Eugene, disc golfers can play the nine-hole course at Westmoreland Park on 18th Avenue or pay $3 a day for 18 holes at Alton Baker Park.

      "We have a rental package here where you can rent one for a dollar each if you don't have your own equipment. You can come out and have a lot of fun," Andrew Rich said. Rich helped design the Alton Baker course. He now runs the rental shop in the park.

      The sport is normally played with three main discs; a driver, a mid-range and of course...

      "You gotta have your dirty work, you gotta have a putter," Eugene Disc Golf Club president Ian Goldberg said.

      Disc golf has one thing in common with regular golf. It's easy to lose track of where your last shot landed, especially out at the 18-hole course at Dexter State Park. That's also the reason why many disc golfers remember to bring more than a few discs.

      "I have six in the bag and one that I found, so I have seven," Larry Soberman said.

      There is a skill element to the game, coupled with natural hazards, including trees and the wind. But Goldberg says this lifetime sport is meant to be lighthearted.

      "The founder of the sport, Steady Ed Headrick said, 'he who has the most fun wins,'" Goldberg said.

      "It might be a record breaking round for me, but that doesn't take much," Soberman said with a laugh.

      And it doesn't take much time or money to tee off at a park near you and it's all in a day's drive.
      Disc golfers currently meet for league play on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays in Eugene and at the course in Dexter.