Prep Athlete of the Week: Madeleine Edwards

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      CORVALLIS, Ore. -- "I've been playing softball since I could walk, so most of my life."

      That's what Madeleine Edwards had to say after being named first team all league in her junior season.

      She is looking to cap off her high school career playing the sport she grew up loving.

      "On a softball team, there is a place for everyone, no matter your athletic ability, your height, or anything, and I think it's a great sport because hard work pays off and you don't have to be naturally talented to do it," she said.

      Her work ethic has been a major factor to her success in the sport, and was taken to a new level this past off season when she was asked by Coach Arnst to take up pitching. "She brings work ethic and drive and grit, she hasn't been pitching longer than most other pitchers, but she works harder," Arnst said.

      "It was a lot of work in the winter, and often being in the cage working three or four days a week working out to get ready," Edwards said.

      She brings that work ethic off the field as well, carrying a 4.0 GPA through high school, and is on her way to play and study at Scripps College in Clarmont, California.

      Coach Arnst says it will be a good fit for her. "It's the perfect place for her," he said. "Academically they'll push her and it also will allow her to continue her career with softball."

      But before her time at Corvallis comes to an end, she has another season to enjoy and a legacy to leave behind. "I hope that my legacy when I graduate is, just that, hard work pays off and taking initiative to take some leadership on your team really pays off," Edwards said.