Pink ribbon tattoo sales benefit Komen Oregon

      EUGENE, Ore. - Three local tattoo parlors are joining together to help fight breast cancer, thanks to one survivor's idea. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

      Sherrie Hoffman has battled the disease twice.

      Susan G. Komen paid for her mammogram when she didn't have insurance.

      When Hoffman's friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Komen was once again there to help.

      "It's currently covering all the expenses for a friend that was diagnosed and started treatment a year ago and was just able to receive a double mastectomy a couple days ago," Hoffman said.

      The situation inspired Hoffmann to give back to the organization that contributes so much to those fighting the disease.

      She saw people with tattoos commemorating lost loved ones, and thought the idea could translate into a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen.

      She visited three tattoo shops: two in Eugene, and one in Springfield, to organize the fundraiser.

      "I wanted to participate when she approached me. Cancer has had a big impact on our family," said Craig Kennedy, who owns Positive Ink in Eugene.

      The participating parlors will offer pink ribbon tattoos and donate 25 percent of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen from now until October 31.

      The addresses of the three participating shops are below:

      • Positive Ink, 2911 West 11th Ave. Eugene
      • Black Lotus, 1011 West 6th Ave. Eugene
      • Memento Ink, 525 Main St. Springfield