Pedaling for Pinot in Lane County

      COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the fruit of Lane County.

      Besides berry picking, you can also taste a few vintages at several of the county's wineries.

      And there are a handful within biking distance from Cottage Grove.

      As you drive through Cottage Grove, the signs point the way down a path that's a must see for any wine lover. It begins near the corner of Delight Valley and Saginaw Road.

      "We're a very small operation, but we have a lot of fun. And our visitors have a lot of fun as well," Karen Proden said. Proden is the business manager at Saginaw Vineyard.

      This small vineyard is a relatively new to the wine game. It's only been growing grapes for about 20 years. But on this 10-acre patch, the Byler family bottles about ten varieties of fine wine. And Proden says you'll know you're in the right place when you see the big red barn.

      "It's real typical that folks will get out of their car and stand maybe five or ten minutes with a camera before they ever make it into the tasting room," Proden said with a laugh.

      Once you've had your fill, you can head west on Cottage Grove Lorane Road, where wild blackberries are ripe for the picking as this road snakes through the hills. But once you find the moss covered fence on Territorial Highway, you've arrived at the King Estate Winery.

      "We're 1,030 acres. Just about half of that is planted," Austin Kumm said. Kumm is the visitor center food and beverage manager for King Estate.

      This welcoming fortress at the top of the hill is open seven days a week and offers walking tours every hour.

      "Sunsets this time of year are absolutely breathtaking out here. And it's great to see the winery and the vineyard will be in action very soon as grapes are near ripening," Kumm said.

      And you can find these charming vineyards and several others all in a day's drive.

      You can find a map and more info about "Pedaling for Pinot" trails online.

      Each loop is about 50 miles.

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      Saginaw Vineyard site

      King Estate winery site